Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Kylie Turns 16!

It is hard to believe my baby is 16 years old!  It always seems to me that once the kids start driving
they become somewhat independent and start that slight pulling away from the parents.  
It relieves me from taking her everywhere but takes away from that time together. 
Kylie is one tough little girl, she played football at Utah football camp with the boys for 4 years.  
She has been around Utah football all her life and knows more than I do about the game.  
Along with her older sister, she is a great cheerleader for the boys in the family.
 Kyle surprised Kylie (and me) by sending 16 red roses to her at school.  
 The family all went to PF Chang's for the birthday dinner.
Alex, Helen, Fred, Dawson, Shauntel, me, Kylie, Kyle.  Melissa had to leave early to work, Tyler for a meeting.
Kylie is beautiful, smart, and funny,  we are so grateful she is ours!

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