Sunday, February 23, 2014

Kylie Sweethearts Dance

It was 4 days before Kylie turns 16 and the Brighton High School had their Sweethearts Dance.
She asked a friend from school named Landon McNeil.  Getting the dress and all it takes
the girls to get ready these days is so different from when I was 16.  She had a good time and
they went with a large group of friends.

Melissa helped Kylie get ready by doing her hair and giving sisterly support
Kyle was there to see her off and remind her date of her curfew
Kylie is mid way up on the right, pregame picture at Megan Derr's house
Kylie, Riley Hanson, Lexi Wall, Ava Robinson, Megan Derr
Kylie and Landon
The above named girls and their dates.

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