Thursday, December 19, 2013

New York, New York........

What a fun time to be in New York, it is December, Christmas time, no kids with us, and only one function to attend that is the reason for the trip,  The event was the American Football Coaches Foundation, 2013 CEO Coach of the Year.  Usually we would be at a Bowl game and not go to something like this.  Just grateful for the opportunity to go!
Phone calls and texts about recruiting never stop
 On our way!
The event was at the Waldorf-Astoria, how lucky we were to stay at the beautiful, historic hotel.

Lobby was so quiet at night when we checked in.

A Grand old Hotel
Hungry when we got there late.  This stand is open 24 hours I think.
Kyle never misses a workout so that is the first thing we do every morning

I order soup knowing what the sandwich looks like
The funny waitress with very sarcastic personality is there every time we go
Kyle did finish this, plus he ordered onion rings for us and the ladies at our table to share
Rockefeller Center
Never stops!



We had not been ice skating in years but when your in New York at Christmas time, well there are just things to do that take you back to when you were young.

You would never guess it but Kyle loves to go to Broadway plays

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  1. I can't believe I haven't seen all these pictures yet! Let me go through them. #1- dad's hat at the food stand is amazing. #2- your hotel is so fancy pants! luckies! #3- how did dad eat that whole sandwich/blob? holy cow. did you try any of it? and #4- so proud of you guys for ice skating and not breaking any hips!!!