Tuesday, December 31, 2013

30 Year Wedding Anniversary/Laguna Beach

This year was the big "30th" wedding anniversary.  Kyle and I had already had a trip to New York by ourselves in the month of December so I decided to make it a family vacation.  Being together with my family is the thing that makes me the happiest so it was perfect!
Kyle told me to plan the trip so I thought it would be fun to go watch the San Diego Charger/Kansas City Chiefs play off game that was in San Diego on December 29th.
We stayed at Inn At Laguna Beach which was so beautiful we can't wait to go back!  
Happy 30th!
Melissa and Dawson's room was right next to ours

The weather was in the 70's with sunshine every day we were there
Heading to San Diego for the game
Eric Weddle plays for the San Diego Chargers and Sean Smith plays for the Kansas City Chiefs

Eric got Kyle and all the boys a pregame sidelines pass.
Eric, Kyle and Head Coach for the Chargers Mike McCoy who played QB at Utah

You could take a picture anywhere on the beach and it was beautiful

Melissa and Alex paddle boarding in freezing water (everyone was brave but me)

Dawson, Melissa, and Alex just paddle boarding in did not see this wave coming to knock them over

I really wanted a fire on the beach.  Thanks to the kids for going along!

View from our room
Did a lot of walking every day

The sun sets on one of the top family vacations we have had!

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  1. Thanks for such a fun trip! It was the best. Love you guys and happy anniversary again!