Monday, July 1, 2013

Montana Vacation

This years summer vacation started off with a great trip
to Deer Lodge, Montana.  Our host was John Adams,
a good friend of Kyle's from his childhood in California.
We drove the 7 hours in a mini van.  We brought along cousin Jason
and Brady's family.  We had to pick Kylie up from cheer
camp in Ogden on our way.
Kyle, Tyler, Alex, and Jason
This is how Kylie travels
We stayed in this beautiful home
This was right out the back door
Jason, Kaela, Kylie, Kaity, and Kristi played around by the golf course
Brady, Tyler, John Adams, Kyle, and Alex golfed
John Adams and Kyle

Terri, Brady, Tyler, Kyle, and John at Terri's birthday dinner
L to R is Kaity, Kaela, Jason, Alex, Kristi, and Kylie at Terri's birthday dinner
Beautiful ride up the mountain with everyone
During our 4-wheeler ride we stopped at this little lake
Kylie and I when we stopped by a waterfall
Tyler on the rope swing we came across on our ride

Alex rope swing

Alex rope swing

Even Kylie did the rope swing
One thing about staying at a place in cattle country is you will see plenty of cattle around

The cousins played in the pool.  Kaela, Kristi, Kylie, Kaity
Transportation was golf carts which the girls took out every minute they could
It was beautiful country and a great trip!

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