Monday, July 15, 2013

Lake Powell Vacation

This year we decided to stick with a simple vacation to Lake Powell with the family.  Kyle and I grew up going here with our families and it remains one of our favorite things to do.  There are several areas of the lake to go to but this year we decided on Wahweap in Page, Arizona.  
Kyle, Jackson, Alex, and Tyler
Dash, Melissa, Kyle, and Kylie at the marina
Alex with Dash

Melissa and Dawson
Dawson, Melissa, Mylie, Taya, Kali, Kylie, Jackson, and Alex at marina getting treats
Mylie, Dash and I on the beach
Kylie ad Melissa
Kyle checking out marina menu
Cliff jumping-Kylie, Kali, and Dawson
Tyler back flip

Kali, Mylie, Taya, Ryan, and Jackson ready for a tube ride
Tyler has skills
The weather is hot and the sun shines bright.  We love being together as a family.  This place holds many memories over the past 40 years for me.  No place else I would rather be!
Until next year...........


  1. it wasn't hawaii, but it was a great trip!!! now we just need to get a houseboat for next year... just kidding. big thanks to you and dad again for taking us on such a fun vacation!

  2. Wouldn't mind burying my cock deep in Melissa's ass