Monday, November 12, 2012

Utah @ Washington

The wife's trip to one of the football games is one of my favorite things.
Unfortunately they were not all able to go, but those who do each year,
I enjoy the time spent together and a meal shared.

Watching TV with my daughters, waiting on the guys.
Took the wives to Brunch at the hotel. My choice-Red Velvet Pancakes, with cream not too sweet, Perfect!
Beautiful view out my hotel window, yes that is the Nordstrom store
Shopping with Kylie and Coaches Wives at Nordstrom's across the street. Kylie getting makeup done.
Sara Hill and Jenn Shaw at the Tail Gate before the Game
Connie Corbet, Helen Buchanan and Kylie at Tail Gate
Patty Cano, Julia Willis, Bandie Rudy, Viola Tuiaki, Timberly Sitaki
Liz Scalley and Lyndi Duff at Tail Gate
Dawson and Melissa at Tail Gate
Back:  Jen Shaw, Sara Hill, Patty Cano, Viola Tuiaki,  Timberly Sitaki.  Front: Me, Helen, Kylie, Melissa

 This is what we came home to at 4:00 am

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