Sunday, November 11, 2012

My Cute Dad's Birthday

The Daniels family gathered to celebrate my Dad's 84th Birthday.
My Dad
Some of the Daniels side of the family
 He will tell you he is 84% of a Century old, but you would never know it.
He likes to hike Rock Canyon by his home.  
He is outside doing the yard work, cutting, digging, moving things,  
building new sheds after he has removed the old, 
fixing sprinklers, and chopping down trees.  Anything you need done
he can still do.  It is the old farm boy in him.  
Trimming bushes in Annabella
Sweeping in Annabella, Aunt Mary on the phone
I have been so blessed to have a wonderful father. He worked either teaching 
psychology at BYU, working with companies with Organizational Behavior,  
and writing about human behavior.  It was great having a dad who could give great advice 
about everything. 
My Dad and I in 2003
Both of my parents have dropped everything to come to my aid when I have needed them.
My dad is a great counselor and help to many.
My family in 1978
When my Mom was diagnosed with Colon Cancer, my Dad worked day
and night for 6 years fighting to prolong her life and taking care of her. What a
wonderful example he was to our family and a blessing to my mom.
I will be forever grateful for his loving care for her.
Dad and Mom
Happy Birthday Dad! I love you!!
My Cute Dad

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