Friday, May 27, 2011

Kali's Surgery

Our niece, Kali, had surgery today.  She just found out a few weeks ago that she had a hole in her heart (ASD).  She had been feeling fine and was just into the doctor for a check up.  She is very lucky that the doctor heard the heart murmur so she could get it repaired before anything happened as a result of it.  The hole was large but they were able to repair it through the femoral artery.  If it had been any larger she would of had to have open heart surgery to repair it.  So it was a relief when she was out of surgery and the patch was in place.  She is very brave and we are so grateful that everything is ok!
Dawson, Melissa, Ryan, and Kali in Primary Children's Medical Center
Tyler and Gael visiting with Kali
Kali with Melissa, Dawson, Kylie, Taya, and Mylie

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