Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Daddy-Daughter Trip

Every year I go with Kyle to Baltimore, Maryland for a visit with the Under Armour family.  They always take us to the Preakness horse race because Kevin Plank owns a horse farm and some race horses.  We have a great time seeing and visiting with the other coaches that are with Under Armour and going to dinner and a great day at a spa for the wives (golf for the men).  This year Kyle and I decided that I needed to stay home because the kids needed me.  So he decided he would take Melissa for a nice father/daughter trip before she is married in a few months.  We had planned to take the train to New York for a few days on the way home since I had never been there.  Melissa had not been their either so she and her dad had a great time!  She had never had the chance to be with her dad alone in that kind of a relaxing situation (ie, no work).  She would call me at the end of the day and say things like "Dad was on the curb singing the song New York, New York really loud, it was so embarrassing!"  They had a lot of fun and I am glad she was able to join him on the trip.

Melissa and Kyle at the Under Armour party

Melissa and Kyle at the Preakness

Kyle and Melissa at a Yankees game

Melissa and Kyle downtown New York
Melissa and Kyle in Times Square

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