Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Utah Boys of Fall

Utah Seniors Season Highlights 2010 

Last night was the annual Senior Dinner for the Utah Football Players.  They had a nice dinner and watched highlights of each senior.  Luther Ellis spoke to us then anyone who wanted to get up and say something could.  It started with Shaky Smithson since he was already on the stand for getting an award for most yards on kickoff returns in the country.  Almost every senior got up and said something; they are all quite shy, different than most would expect.  All of the players spoke about their love for Utah and the profound positive impact it had in their lives.  They also expressed their love for each other and how they would always be there for one another and have each others backs.  During the Highlight video they played the song "Boys of Fall" by Kenny Chesney.  Seeing the players and listening to this song during their individual highlights was touching to me.  Players move on every year, after they have been here and we get to know them, it is always emotional to see them leave.


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