Saturday, March 19, 2011

Skiing at Snowbird - Adaptive Sports

Today we went skiing at Snowbird where Kyle skied in some races with these amazing people in the Steve Young Classic that raises money for Adaptive Sports.  There are some incredible people; young and old, who with the help of this Adaptive Sports are able to go up there and ski even if they are blind or missing a limb, or paralyzed, among other things.  There are many different things that make it so these people would not be up there skiing without the help of Adaptive Sports.  So it is a really good feeling to see them be able to ski and then at the dinner that evening they have an auction where they raise money for the various things they need to help them ski.
It was a cold windy day on the slopes this year.  Kylie, Tyler and Kali came with Kyle and I.  It is always a good experience to help others.

Kyle and Kylie
Kylie and Kyle

So Cold

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