Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Weekend 2013

Kyle made a commitment to attend a Golf Tournament and Speak to the St. George Crimson Club during the Memorial Weekend in St. George, Utah, so we decided to make a family vacation out of it.
We borrowed a large van to take all of us and headed to St. George.
Traveling in a 13 passenger van - me, Melissa, Kyle
Fred came along
Dawson, Melissa, and Kylie
Alex and Helen

Kyle talking to Crimson Club members

Kyle, Alex, me, Kylie, Melissa, Dawson, and Fred and Nielsen's Frozen Custard.  One our favorite places!
Lunch at In and Out

Treat at Swigs in St. George

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Under Armour / Baltimore / New York

This was our 5th year to go to Baltimore, Md for the Under Armour party.  Kevin Plank, the
CEO and founder of UA owns Sagamore, a horse farm in Baltimore.  So he invites the schools that wear Under Armour uniforms to come and spend a few days and go to the Preakness Horse race and a BBQ at the farm.  It is a social event that Kyle and I really enjoy.  We love the horses and it is another relaxing time for us together.

view out our hotel window to the harbor
me with Bela Karolyi
The first night we got there they took us on a ferry across the harbor to the UA Headquarters.  Bela Karolyi, the Olympic Women's Gymnastics Coach, is now with UA and was sitting right next to me talking to someone.  I asked if I could get a picture with him, he was so nice to let me.

View from Sagamore Farm owned by Kevin Plank
The second day Kyle went golfing with the other coaches, Kevin Plank, and UA reps.
The women had spa treatments set up at the hotel there.  I had a facial, massage, and a pedicure.
That evening they bussed everyone out to Sagamore Farm and to have a BBQ.  There were hundreds of people there, including those who work for UA there at the Headquarters.

One of the horses after a run.  He was beautiful!

Larry and Jan Krystkowiak with Kyle and I
The 3rd day was race day starting at Sagamore farm again for breakfast and a look at some of Kevin Plank's horses on the track there.  University of Utah Head Basketball coach and his wife were on the trip and it was fun getting to know them better.

Norm Chow in the background of Kyle and I
Norm and Diane Chow were on the trip also since Norm is Head Coach at Hawaii and they are UA.

The Under Armour box for Race Day.
This is one of those events that Kyle and I look around and think "What are we doing here?"  We feel like such posers.

The 4th day we took the train to New York.  We stopped in Philadelphia to see a football players mom.  We both love the train, it is a fast, smooth way for transportation.  The ride was a couple hours not counting the stop. 

Train station in Philadelphia
Kyle standing outside of the Dakota, where John Lenon was shot

LDS Manhattan Temple

We love everything about Central Park

We had lunch at Katz's Deli where a scene from When Harry Met Sally was filmed
We visited the 9/11 Memorial for the first time
Kyle talking to the Manhattan Utah Alumni Chapter

View of Central Park from the top
Kyle and I with one of our hosts from the Alumni Chapter

Kyle in the middle of Time Square

We were able to get into an afternoon taping of The David Letterman Show.  That was really fun!

The last night we went to the play Jersey Boys and love it!

On our way home after a great week!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Spring Summit

This year is the 9th year we have attended the Fiesta Frolic, now known
as the Spring Summit.  It is held every year at the Biltmore Hotel in 
Scottsdale, Az.  Coaches and Athletic Directors come from around the country. 
 PAC 12 meetings were held there for 2 of the days.
This is one of the benefits of Kyle being Head Coach.  When he is not in
meetings, there are buffet dinners, golfing and relaxing time around the pool. 
I get to see some of the other coaches and their wives I have met over the years.

Kyle and I in the hospitality suite with Dave and Susie Christensen

One of my favorite people is Susie Christensen who was at Idaho State with Dave 
when Kyle and I were there.  Dave was on Offense and Kyle Defense.
I spent a lot of time with Susie in Pocatello, Idaho and we still keep in touch.
  Dave is now the Head Coach at Wyoming.