Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Spring Summit

This year is the 9th year we have attended the Fiesta Frolic, now known
as the Spring Summit.  It is held every year at the Biltmore Hotel in 
Scottsdale, Az.  Coaches and Athletic Directors come from around the country. 
 PAC 12 meetings were held there for 2 of the days.
This is one of the benefits of Kyle being Head Coach.  When he is not in
meetings, there are buffet dinners, golfing and relaxing time around the pool. 
I get to see some of the other coaches and their wives I have met over the years.

Kyle and I in the hospitality suite with Dave and Susie Christensen

One of my favorite people is Susie Christensen who was at Idaho State with Dave 
when Kyle and I were there.  Dave was on Offense and Kyle Defense.
I spent a lot of time with Susie in Pocatello, Idaho and we still keep in touch.
  Dave is now the Head Coach at Wyoming. 

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