Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas 2011

This year for Christmas was sad with Alex not there, but we were able to talk to him on the phone for a couple hours.  So that was the best Christmas present for ever.  In New Zealand, where Alex is serving, it is 20 hours ahead so he called on the day after for Christmas for him.  I had mailed him a mini Christmas tree and presents in November so he received everything in time for Christmas.
We decided we would get up at 8:00 AM, so Melissa and Dawson slept at their own place then came over.  Tyler stayed at our house on Christmas Eve. So it was great to have the family there.
Elder Saunders and Elder Whittingham Christmas Card from Hamilton, New Zealand
Melissa and Dawson Christmas morning
Kylie Christmas morning
Tyler on Christmas morning
It was a very Merry Christmas!

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