Saturday, April 2, 2011

In Memory of Jay Rudd

Today we attended the funeral for our dear friend Jay Rudd.  It was at his church called "The Fellowship".  There were many stories of Jay shared from those who knew him well.  Kyle was asked to share some things from his relationship with Jay over the years, and I thought Kyle did a very good job showing the spirit that Jay brought to the Utah Football team just by being there.  Jay loved to be a part of the team, he would take film home and watch it over and over and look for things he could point out to the team in his weekly pep talks on Thursdays before the game.  Kyle said Jay was never late and never missed a practice in 9 years.  We will miss his presence around the office, practice, and game day!
Jay and Kyle

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  1. Hi jamie,
    I just noticed that you are a follower of my blog Melandboys--I had to say a quick hello and tell you that although we are big time BYU fans--we really love your husband and think he is a great guy!! He has done some amazing things with that football program and we admire his efforts! I love that shot in your header! And what a good lookin' family you have!! Take care!