Saturday, September 13, 2014

Bye Week Saturday

I don't know how the football team or coaches feel about the BYE week but I love it!  I get to see my husband a little bit more than the never usually seeing him all season. This morning Kyle woke up and said let's ride our bikes to Snowbird Ski Resort. Now I have not ridden my bike in a few years.  I do workout with the Coaches Wive's 3 times a week and do a lot of walking.  I knew this was a big task because Kyle had done it with Tyler before and I had heard how hard it is going up 4000 feet in elevation over approximately 10 miles from our home.  I had ridden about 1/4 the way with Alex before.  I just thought if I put it on the easiest gear and go slow that I could do it. Well, I was wrong, so wrong!  This was the hardest thing I have every done physically over such a long period of time (2 1/2 hours just going up)!  I seriously don't know what I was thinking.  Let's just say I made it all the way to Snowbird but over those 2 1/2 hours I had plenty of time to think, comparing my misery with different situations in life.

We did stop for 3 water breaks along the way, about 5 minutes each.  Kyle kept
saying we can turn around any time but I was determined although I thought I
was dying!

I realized what a great companion, husband, and friend that Kyle is!  He of course could of made it in half the time by himself, but every time I thought I could not go on or the hill was even more steep, he would ride along beside me and put his hand on my back pushing me along.  He said he was barely helping me but every time it helped me through the difficult area and to keep going. He encouraged me, complimented my mental toughness I did not think I had, and helped me the whole way.  I hope that I am the same for him as he goes through his day to day life and being a Head Football Coach.  That I am there for him when the times are tough, encouraging him and helping when he thinks he can't go any farther.

I also noticed that when I looked up ahead and I would see the steepness or the turns that continued to come, I would think I could not go on, that maybe I was not going to reach my goal of making it all the way to Snowbird.  But if I just kept my eyes on what was just ahead of me it was easier to keep going.  I related that to football games, how we just need to take them one at a time and not think ahead to the whole season schedule.  My dad always used to say the quote  "By an inch it's a cinch, by a yard it is hard".   So I need to stay focused on the day and not think about the week, month, or year.  Some days I have to focus on just making it to the next moment!
By the time we got home Kyle was still full of energy!  I don't get it because my legs were so dead I could hardly walk.  I felt awful and just wanted to lay down. I am proud I made my goal but don't think I will be doing it any time in the near or distant future!